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375,000 jobs for citizens and 148,000 jobs for non-citizens in Kuwait

November 28, 20150 Comments

According to the Arabtimes, the total number of job opportunities that the government will create in the coming years will be about 375,000 for citizens and 148,000 for non-citizens, Continue Reading &raquo

New Public Wages reforms , Kuwait

August 8, 20155 Comments

Kuwait is going to proposed a bill to set the standardize the wages as per jobs classifications to set the inflation rate. So far it includes all government entitles, oil sectors and military professions which include all security agencies and fire fighters. Continue Reading &raquo

New sources for hiring domestic workers in Kuwait

March 8, 20158 Comments


maid-working-illegal-part-time Continue Reading &raquo

Government to recruit Kerala nurses for Kuwait

December 17, 201423 Comments


Continue Reading &raquo

590 jobs for expats frozen , Kuwait

December 6, 201414 Comments

jobs_lost_unemployment Continue Reading &raquo

New recruitment system in Kuwait and UAE

November 30, 201420 Comments

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