New process of the transfer of an employee from one employer to another from 2016

October 9, 20152 Comments

imagesAs per Arabtimes, The Manpower Public Authority issued an administrational Decree No. 842/2015 which contains many regulations aimed to organize the process of the transfer of an employee from one employer to another from the beginning of 2016.

He explained that the decisions include one that permits an employee to transfer his sponsorship from one employer to another if he has worked for three consecutive years and has given the employer a three-month notice in accordance to Article 44 of Law No. 6/2010 concerning the private sector. However, if the contract is bound by time, the employee has to complete the time duration of the contract even if it is for more than three years.

Dr Al-Jafour indicated about some cases where the three-year condition does not apply, such as if the employees entered the country on government contracts. “In such a case, their sponsorship cannot be transferred until the expiry of their contracts. In the case of laborers who enter the country on contracts for certain activities such as agriculture, fishing, industrial and rearing of livestock, they cannot transfer their sponsorship outside their field and unless they worked for at least one year”, he explained.

If the contract has a time limit, it should not be less than one year and more than five years. In addition, the contract signed by both parties automatically renews itself when the period of contract ends, provided both parties agree on the same terms and conditions of that contract, which is in accordance with Article 31 of the unified work contract law.

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  1. Nadeer says:

    I was working for a company and i got a new offer and i finish three months notice period on april 12th and i gave all the documents for transfer for the new company on the same day for transfering my visa but new company states that you can join only once issue new civil id so that i hav a doubt regarding those days salary can i get because there is one month jobless not yet transfer my visa.can i get salary for those days?

  2. A Rehman says:

    Dear sir
    My three year period term has to expire in a month to come (may2018)
    And my sponsor was hospitalized and he’s been declared dead in the hospital and his son wife are not responding me on the phone
    Now if I want to change my company what’s the procedure

    Kindly reply at your earliest and oblige

    Kind regards

    A rehman

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