New Heavy fines and New License Fees proposal

October 23, 20180 Comments

The issuance of a new license for expatriates in particular may attract up to KD500, while the renewal may cost KD50, while transfer of vehicle ownership may cost around KD100- KD500 depending on the number of vehicles owned by concerned individuals.

Talking about penalties, sources said the current KD50 fine is not effective to deter violators, so new penalties could be set at KD500 in case of breaking traffic light, reckless driving and performing stunts. It will also include impounding of vehicles and detention of motorists, as well as citizens and expatriates.

He reiterated that vehicles may be impounded for two months, while motorists will be detained for 48 hours with court verdicts that may order their detention for a minimum of two months. He stressed that minor violations will attract penalties of around KD10-KD200.

They include parking at prohibited areas, using spaces designated for handicaps, exceeding speed limit, using telephone by hand while driving, driving without holding license or vehicle document, expiration of license, driving in the opposite direction, disrupting the traffic, failure to abide by traffic rules and directives, and evading traffic patrol teams.

By Salem Al-Wawan Al-Seyassah Staff
Source : Arabtimes

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