MP Safa’a Al-Hashem wants term limits on expats

October 8, 20190 Comments

As the end of the legislative term approaches, the current MPs and prospective contestants are working tirelessly to increase their chances of winning Parliamentary seats.

Some are calling for better living standards for Kuwaitis, while others have taken on the expatriates and attacking them at every given opportunity, which is likely to continue until the end of the current legislative term to woo the voters.


In her pursuit to correct the demographic imbalance in the country, MP Safa’a Al-Hashem has submitted a bill stipulating that an expatriate’s maximum term of residence in the State of Kuwait must not exceed 5 years with one-time renewal for the same duration.

She said because of the expatriates the country has reached a dangerous level and the crime rate is on the rise.

In her bill she says, any expat whose residence has expired or if his/her designation does not match the job description or has committed 3 traffic violations or has any type of legal complications regardless of charges or exoneration, should be immediately deported.

Moreover, she says, any expat referred for deportation will mean his family (if dependent) must be deported from the country and blacklisted to prevent such people from entering Kuwait again.

Additionally, newly recruited laborers if they are found to be 40 years and above or if it found they suffer from disabilities or sicknesses should be deported upon the conclusion of the project.

Teachers and workers in private schools who do not hold the residence permit from their work place must also be subjected to deportation and the school must be punished and barred from recruiting workers.

As for those providing shelter for residence violators, they will be in violation of the law, and each case must be judged individually. In another development, MP Shu’aib Al-Muwaizri has submitted a series of parliamentary queries to four ministers, concerning the real-estate scams that have affected a large number of citizens.

The ministers questioned include the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, Minister of Justice Fahad Al-Afasi, Minister of Finance Nayef Al-Hajraf and Minister of Interior Lt-Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah.

The MP pointed out money laundering has also been reported to be part of these scams, and that these illegal activities are being perpetrated by companies based in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Therefore, the MP has requested all ministers to provide him with reports on the actions taken in this regard, all in respect to each minister’s jurisdiction.

Furthermore, in a bid to ingrain the Holy Quran and its teachings in young children, MP Mohammed Hayef has submitted a proposal to start teaching the Holy Quran to children in Kindergarten in order to ensure the future generations strongly adhere to their beliefs and the teachings of Islam.

He added the introduction and memorization of the Holy Quran at an early age contributes to the development of mental aspect of the person, while creating new job opportunities as more teachers will be required.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff
Source : Arabtimes

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