Man masturbates on street in front of a Palestinian woman in Salmiya

October 31, 20160 Comments

A Palestinian woman filed a complaint at Salmiya Police Station against an Egyptian man who allegedly masturbated on the street in front of her workplace.

In compliance with the instructions of Director of the General Criminal Investigations Department Brigadier Muhammad Al-Sharhan Hawali, securitymen arrested the accused within less than two hours.

The accused was on the first fl of a building when he saw the securitymen. He tried to flee by jumping from the first floor but a hot chase ensued, leading to his arrest.

During interrogation, the accused admitted the crime and told the officers that he is suffering from a sexual disorder. A case was registered against him for carrying out an obscene act in public.

By Munaif Nayef Al-Seyassah Staff
Source : Arabtimes

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