Kuwaiti and his Egyptian girlfriend arrested

February 10, 20190 Comments

The Hawalli police have arrested a Kuwaiti and his Egyptian girlfriend for breaking into cars of military personnel in the parking lot of the Army and National Guard camps, reports Al-Rai daily.

A security source the arrest came after several complaints were filed by the victims at the local police stations. The prime suspects were the Kuwaiti and his girlfriend because they were frequently seen in the area.

After the securitymen raided the apartment of the suspects, they initially denied the allegations but under duress caved in to breaking into 12 cars and stealing cell phones and other valuables.

The suspects also admitted to stealing the car of an unidentified expatriate and used it to commit thefts. To avoid arrest, they said, they used to wait for four or five days before committing another crime. The couple has been referred to the concerned authority.

Source : Arabtimes

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