Kuwait Ordered to pay 5000 KD to School Girl

May 24, 201614 Comments

A Kuwaiti administrative court ordered a public school to pay a preparatory schoolgirl KD5,000 damages after she ‘failed’ the final examination due to a mistake in the institution’s system, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The girl’s parents were told by the school management in the capital Kuwait City that their child in Grade 11 did not pass the exams and would not move to the Grade 12.

“The girl’s father went to the school and talked to the management, who told him his daughter failed,” Al Watan daily said.

“He was shocked because he knows his daughter is good in studies. A few weeks later, the school contacted him and said that his daughter passed the exams and that it was a mistake in the system. He reported the school to authorities and demanded damages for the psychological suffering caused to his child.”

Source : Emirates 247

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  1. Excellent, from the right decision the authority get lesson for future.

  2. Muhammad Humayun We do sue for everything in the US it's so crazy. Order hot food, too hot sue. Smoke all your life, get cancer sue. Walk on a floor with water everywhere, fall, sue.

  3. Hi Meghan,do you live in Kuwait

  4. if u have pass then its is not mean that u r the owner of bus or driver .first u create or think good everything will be good to u

  5. Mohammed BigMo Alkhadher I was just kidding as mostly in USA people sue the departments and institution on even taking a picture or cursing someone dog. lol

  6. System only for Arabs. Here every one is in tension of kafaeel (sponsor). How much he would demand for renewal. So every one suffering at the end of iqama. then Gov have to pay every one damages for the psychological suffering, an amount of KD5000.

  7. I want to make case on stupid city bus drivers who do not stop on stops and talk rough to pass holders.

  8. American's don't and can't attend public Kuwaiti schools. The only non-Kuwaitis who attend public schools have parents working for the ministry of education.

  9. Boo hoo. sniffle. Whimper. Show me da money.

  10. Rehan Khan says:

    They never treated me like that hahaha
    Cause i was literally failed. 🙂

  11. Dear All,
    Please try to understand, how they reacted, LAW for every one.
    If somebody creating problem, dont fear try to put case then arbic peope understand.
    My self i feel this is Good, every one need to do like, then system will automatically change

  12. He must be an American.

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