Kuwait on top among the top importers of banana #kuwait #q8 #banana

September 5, 201448 Comments

23According to the FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORG. OF THE UN, The Kuwait exist on top of high import of banana fruit. it is 48.34 KG Bananas per capita.

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  38. Leo Babate says:

    In the data says its Guatemalan banana – the Chiquita.

  39. they put them right in the hole and press it through that and then it comes out of it by the next side sliced and then they use the sliced banana for making fruit salad

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  41. Ef Robles says:

    Nice n delicious the philippine banana

  42. and probably the biggest export is from Philippines πŸ™‚

  43. and probably the biggest export is from Philippines πŸ™‚

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