Kuwait Metro Project

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Updated – 17.12.2017 | Official data posted on the official website of “New Kuwait”, affiliated to the Secretariat General for the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, revealed that Kuwait metro project will cost a total sum of KD 3.460 billion, reports Al-Nahar daily. (Arabtimes)

Updated – 21.12.2016 | Metro project has been sorted out, and that a tender will be raised within two months, noting that the winning firm will oversee the evaluation of technical offers essential to the project. (Arabtimes)

The Kuwait metro project is still under consideration, said a news report quoting a letter recently sent by the Partnership Technical Bureau (PTB) to an unspecified state department. According to the letter, the execution will go through five phases to build 160 km and is expected to be entirely finished in 23 years starting from the date of construction, the Kuwait Times reported. 

The project was being divided into five phases to facilitate its execution and operation as well as to deal with all contingencies such as resolving any traffic congestions resulting from the construction process. The cost of the first phase is approximated to be KD5 billion ($16.5 billion). (Source GD Online)

They explained that the ‘Metro Project’ which is worth about $20 billion, is being implemented based on a contract of partnership between the public and private sectors, adding that the work will start in the year 2017.


They revealed that the first railroad covering 23.7 kilometers will start from Salwa area and end the station of Kuwait University, passing through 19 stations. The second railroad covering 21 kilometers will start from Hawally area and end at Kuwait City, passing through 27 stations. The third railroad covering 24 kilometers will start from the airport and end at Abdullah Al-Mubarak area, passing through 15 stations.

Line 1 is 23.7km long and will connect Kuwait’s southern metropolitan area with the centre of the city and the main university. The line will have 19 stations.

Line 2 will be 21km long, connecting the main business district with the residential areas of Salmiya and Hawally. The line will have 27 stations.

Line 3 will have 15 stations and will be 24km long.

Line 4 will be 22.7km long and will connect city centre with Kuwait International Airport. It will have 15 stations, serving residential areas and the Shuwaikh Industrial Zone


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  1. this will be a great samching project for kuwait. hope this come true and sooon.

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    Kuwait is beauty of country

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    I need job this project.i like railways job.

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    It's grate I like it vv good

  14. Verry good so do Kuwait

  15. Good project for the contery .becouse after 10 years the contery will be safer big traffic problem . That's why these project is vary impotent.

  16. another thing i Agree with Arth Diaz Gamecera, those little shit kids, never forget them in the Public bus.

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