From January 2017, the minor age lowered to 16 in Kuwait

November 20, 20160 Comments

Kuwaiti teenage students have been warned that they could face the death penalty or heavy prison terms for certain crimes following the decision to lower the juvenile age from 18 to 16 in January.

“Starting next year, anyone aged 16 or more arrested for a crime will be tried by a regular court, and not the juvenile court, which means the death penalty for some crimes,” Bader Al Ghadhoori, the head of juvenile protection at the Ministry of Interior, said.

“Everybody, especially the students and their parents should be extremely careful about the significance of the change in the application of the law,” he told students at a forum about the risks of misusing social media.

Under the current juvenile law, criminal penalties are applied to people who are 18 years and above, while special penalties are applied to those under 18.

Al Ghadhoori highlighted the importance of surfing websites and using social media, but warned against their negative aspects.

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