Cancel the Expats Residency at age of 55

October 27, 20160 Comments

Stressing the previous Parliament presented two bills in this regarded but one was rejected by the Legislative Committee “because they refused to specify the period of stay for expatriates engaged in menial jobs as one way of reducing the expatriate population.”

He suggested cancelling the residency of expatriates once they turn 55 years old except those with rare fields of specialization such as judges and doctors.

He argued that many Kuwaitis have specialized in other professions so it is no longer necessary to hire expatriates for such jobs.

He added the next government should understand this development in order to provide job opportunities for Kuwaitis and the children of Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff
Source : Arabtimes

1: Residency fees and Traffic fines

2: Residency transfer procedures within one month

3: Residency Cards for expats instead of stickers on passports

4: Cancellation of residency in case of our stay out of Kuwait

5: New call to expats to rectify status and residency validity with passport

6: Passport and Residency Validity Link To Take Effect January 1

7: Extension of residency to be conditional on passport validity

8: 20 year cap on expat residency in Kuwait

9: Health insurance from KD 50 per year to KD 130

10: KD 200 family, KD 300 for relative and KD 450 for family residence

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