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Give HOPE To Smile, a community founded in 2012 by Mr. Ali Abdul Khaliq, Mr. Jabbar Ahmed and Mr. Yousuf M Javaid under the patronage of Mr. Yasir Ashraf Khan with the aim to provide Iftaar meal to at least 50 persons daily in the Holy month of Ramadan. Iftaar meal consisting of a small box which contains Rice, Meat/chicken, Gravy, Laban, A piece of fruit and Dates fulfilling the basic needs of Fatoor.

Give HOPE To Smile administered by Ali Abdul Khaliq, Jabbar Ahmed & Yousuf M Javed , collects the contributions as donations and distribute by hand to the major areas of Kuwait targeting specifically the needy persons, anyone who is contributing can also take part in distribution of the Iftaar meals with Give HOPE To Smile team. In past years one meal was costing 700 fils and this year it is 800 fils only hence, amount of contribution starts from minimum 800 fils up to the amount any contributor may afford and wish. (800 x 50 = KD 40)
The active members of this group manage to collect monitory contributions from their own savings, families, relatives, friends and coworkers etc.

ja1 More than 2000 boxes distributed so far this year with an average of 30 boxes per day together with the mega events in which we provide Iftaar meals to 300 to 500 people on weekends. All the activities of Give HOPE To Smile can be viewed on their facebook page “”

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