DNA test timetable for all persons living in or visiting Kuwait

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Expats to have their DNA data filed, knowing that this data will only be used for security reasons and with utmost confidentiality with the sole purpose of protecting national security. The sources also noted that visitors’ DNA data would be taken immediately on entry to Kuwait.



Ministry will soon prepare a timetable based on which all persons living in or visiting Kuwait will be screened.
The Ministry of Interior is also expected to open dozens of centers to facilitate the completion of the project. Request According to sources the project is expected to cost KD 100 million and the Interior Ministry is expected to request the Ministry of Finance to foot the bill.

Sources said the Council of Ministers has issued a special law on DNA, after it was approved by the National Assembly. The law states a database of DNA at the Ministry of Interior shall be established. People who refuse to make the test face one year imprisonment and can be fined up to KD 10,000 unless they have an acceptable excuse. Those who provide fake samples or commit a forgery face seven years imprisonment and/or KD 5,000 fine.

The law becomes effective after publication in the official gazette. The law states the DNA samples will be subjected to confidentiality and can be accessed with permission from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The law also states anyone who violates this law will be sentenced to three years imprisonment. The last article of the law obliges the competent minister to issue the executive regulations of the law within 3 months after the law comes into effect.

Last month, the National Assembly, reacting to the bomb blast on Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque adopted the law mandating DNA testing on all citizens and foreign residents of the country. The legislation, requested by the government to help security agencies make quicker arrests in criminal cases, calls on Ministry of Interior to establish a database of all 1.3 million citizens and 2.9 million expatriates in the country.

According to the law, anyone who refuses to undergo the test will face one year in prison and a fine of up to 33,000 while those who provide fake samples will be jailed for seven years.

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