Calm Down – ‘News of DAESH entering Kuwait incorrect’ via Arabtimes #kuwait #q8

August 28, 201419 Comments

daeshThe Interior Ministry denied reports circulating on the social media network that members of DAESH entered Kuwait through the Al-Nuwaiseeb border post and Sheikh Sa’ad Al-Abdullah airport and that Kuwaiti security forces were involved in exchange of fire at Al-Riqqa area, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The ministry has called upon all those concerned not to promote rumors. Meanwhile, it has been reported the Ministry of Interior has formed security teams and erected checkpoints around the clock at Mutla’a and Abdali and other vital installations. The ministry has also strengthened security measures at the northern border to monitor suspicious movements.

Source : ArabTimes
Photo Credit : IRNA

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  1. not true I live in riqqa they are not welcome in Kuwait

  2. Syed Shah says:

    May Allah protect Kuwait

  3. Jawaid, I believe with my heart that any evil like DAESH will fail as long as the majority of the good stand against them.

  4. this is falls story…… you are wrong……wrong…. wrong….

  5. Why can not enter in Kuwait………surely entering….

  6. why dont stand a chance…… not true…

  7. Kuwait does not exist…. after entering…..

  8. sleep and sleep you can made………..

  9. you can thank americans..otherwise gunfire would be the norm.

  10. DAESH don't stand a chance inside Kuwait… No true Muslim will tolerate this kind of garbage. So farewell DAESH, you are cowards and terrorists…

  11. الله يحفظك يا كويت….

  12. They cant enter in Kuwait.. It need guts… And these pieces of shit can only harm women and children..

  13. not all muslims… dear bro.. ISIS is killing muslims only.. if they have guts they should fight Israel or US

  14. Oh my god is its true

  15. What happened if they can entered in #kuwait…? ;'(

  16. yes all muslims want this to entring kuwait, Allahu Akbar

  17. Are They sure they can enter kuwait

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