Below categories are exempted from the requirements of getting a driving license.

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1- Non-Kuwaiti women who are married to Kuwaiti men, non-Kuwaiti women who are widows or divorcees of Kuwaiti men and with children.

2- Non-Kuwaiti men married to Kuwaiti women and their children.

3- Bedouns who hold valid security card.

4- Students provided they are registered in any of the universities or applied institutes in Kuwait.

5- Expatriate housewives who have children provided that their husbands are eligible to obtain driving license and exempted from the period of residence and salary (Judges, members of the public prosecution, consultants and experts) and those exempted from the condition of period of stay (general managers and their deputies, irrespective of their job description).

6- Members of the diplomatic corps.

7- Professional players in the clubs and sports federations in government sector.

8- Drivers, general company representatives (Mandoubs) and Mandoubs solely in charge of passports and issues concerning the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor who hold valid driving license issued from their countries of origin or any other country.

9- Domestic worker who serves in the same position for at least five years in a row under the same sponsor and decides to change the profession to a driver.

10- Nursing staff and specialists of natural treatment and all categories of technicians in the medical field.

11- Pilots, captains, and their assistants.

12- Undertakers

The decision exempts some categories of persons from the period of residence and salary condition:

1- Judges, members of Public Prosecution, consultants and experts.

2- Teaching staff in the universities and applied institutes.

3- Journalists and media practitioners

4- Doctors, pharmacists and engineers

5- Teachers and social specialists

6- Researchers irrespective of their job description, legal practitioners, translators, librarians, Imams of mosques who are working in government authorities.

7- Sports trainers working in sports federations and clubs in the government authorities

The decision exempts also some groups from the condition of period of residence as follows:

1- General Managers and their assistants irrespective of their job description

2- Managers irrespective of their job description

3- Accountants irrespective of their job description

4- Mandoubs irrespective of their job description The decision cancels the driving license of a driver, general company representative (Mandoub), the Mandoub for passports, and Mandoub for affairs of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor once he cancels the residence or changes the profession by which he obtained the driving license, and he will not be issued a new driving license unless he waits for two years from the date the previous license was canceled and follows new procedures.

It is worthy of note the driving license will be canceled once the holder changes the profession by which he obtained it, particularly if the new job title is not included in the list of professions entitled to a driving license.

Source : Arabtimes

Amendments to the traffic law on driving licenses for non-Kuwaitis. According to the new amendments, a driving license’s validity will be linked to the validity of holders’ residency visas (iqamas). The new conditions also include age, health fitness, passing driving tests conducted by the traffic department, holding a valid iqama for at least two years prior to application, holding a university degree and receiving a minimum monthly salary of KD 600.

Source : KuwaitTimes

Below categories are exempted from the requirements of getting a driving license. was last modified: by

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  1. VENKATRAMAN says:

    Hi my designation is quality system auditor and my salary is 1100KWD. I came to Kuwait on December 19th 2019. Can I apply for driving license?

  2. Robert says:

    I am a salary is 650kd.can I take driving licence in Kuwait.plz reply me

  3. How about sales manager (mandoob mubiyat)

  4. Sru Srdhr says:

    So we all stand outside 50 degree centigrade waiting for the taxi with kids and woman !, also negative 3 degree centigrade we stand and freeze for a taxi what a lime …time to get out

  5. This law is very hard to the expat including me, we the license but most of us dont meet requirements

  6. i don't care when am 18 am getting A car don't care if they will give me license or not am just getting a car

  7. Ann Stuart wow scince when i do have many female friends !!!and i live in kuwait a very muslim country

  8. All these requirements because of roads are full of cars…stop selling new cars and use transport of bus and trams……all man made laws…even not to drive ….strange laws…this happens only in Kuwait..

  9. Hi guys don't worry about this rules cannot work here in Kuwait coz there is lots of big company's it I'll gone closed never and one thing if like tht comes rules nobody stay in Kuwait and from few days ago I saw here in Kuwait lots of people's trying go out from Kuwait coz there is day by day become big change so please if this rules comes it's not working more then6months that's true.

  10. You can renew it because you got it before the issuance of this decision lucky person 🙂

  11. Im holder of two gcc license can i change my gcc license here without wasta..gcc lic is priority in the gulf even without mandaoub or wasta…

  12. Babar Khan says:

    I am senior sales reprsentative …..if i am not able to get licence how i work..??

  13. Babar Khan says:

    I am senior sales reprsentative …..if i am not able to get licence how i work..??

  14. Joshua Ayman S. Pacio says:

    The article said, excempted from the requirements. For the mechanic like u, u can still get a driving license but u need to give the requirements. Unlike those category mentioned, its easy for them to get the driving license…

  15. Robert Bonghanoy Luague says:

    I am an engineering graduate in the phils and Ive been working here as a machine operator it is possible to take a liscense here?

  16. Ali Umer says:

    Essa Al-essa they should actually work on what i have said..success is guaranteed if u listen to Ali Umer

  17. Ann Stuart says:

    Never make a coment on a legal site im in a muslim county,women simply do not have male friends OK UNLESS FAMILY

  18. Abdullah Al Fahad says:

    LoLzzz F this shit boy!!!

  19. i am am student heare in kuwait my age is 20 yesrs can i get driving licence..???

  20. Ali Umer lol im just saying that the state security is after from what you said

  21. Ali Umer lol im just saying that the state security is after from what you said

  22. true said
    but who will understand this?

  23. Friend the article says exempted from the requirements.i hope u understand.

  24. Asad Drifter says:

    Well said

  25. I'm able for social workers and driver but i'm in London UK. Basically I belong to Pakistan and i'm only Pakistani Citizen. Is it possible or not?

  26. Ali Umer says:

    Essa Al-essa lol, still..whatever that thing is..

  27. انحش امن الدوله وراك ههههه

  28. Are "Exempted from the requirements" would usually mean that they are not required to fulfil the requirements… hence its easier for them to get the license….

    Unless I missed something???

  29. Ali Umer says:

    You should have such policies when the residents in the country have a good alternative other than driving a car, public transport in kuwait is like one of the worst things to experience , there's no train or metro bus service, the public buses are not safe for women n asian expats to get in, taxi fares are quite high for the majority of the people, it's not the right solution by ministry of whatever that thing is, they should come up with some sensible ideas rather than making foreigners lives difficult in kuwait!

  30. Can you sent me link where is this news in arabtimes ? same time ago i m apply but rejected, my current potions graduate computer programmersand salary more that 500+

    can advice , i can apply again….

  31. Does it mean that other professions (not mentioned here) , who fulfill the requirements of residence of 2 years , and min 400 kd salary are allowed to apply based on those requirements……the wording mentioned here is confusing…please clarify…

  32. Abu Areej says:

    What does "Experts" means? Expert in which profession?

  33. Gem Bel says:

    hmmnnn exempted from requirements? like I can get a driver's license now without requirements??? then what documents do I need to have only?

  34. A.J. Fernandes says:

    What about those earning more than 400 kd and having a bachelors degree? They are making it impossible for many people.

  35. It's very Good news may God bless Kuwait……
    but my question is here a messenger of exchange can have chance to get???

  36. Alen Rebello says:

    @ Ann stuart I understand from this above post since you have married to a kuwaiti man you are exempted from the requirements to obtain a license. Definately you will get a license without any hastle.

  37. Hisham Al Sawi says:

    Am a marketing representative of one of the 5 star hotels and I am a manager who cannot have his position writing in the (Azen Amal )work permit lol and I don't know too why I cannot have a driving license. !! while I wasted 12 years for serving you people and nothing happen even I am walking street either I have to 0000 to get it which is never and thanks for the appreciation

  38. Chris Ellis Sr. says:

    Are you ok?

  39. I'm a mechanic not possible to take driver license how can I check the vehicle condition if I don't have a drivers license?

  40. Tammy Moon Balliew says:

    Okay – I read it and….Since you have citizenship, I am thinking no to the "foreign wife married to Kuwait husband". How about the housewife with children?

  41. Ann Stuart says:

    I've been here 30 yrs married to Kwti from USA my license expired due to illness …does this mean I am not able to renew ,an of course I have citizenship….

  42. Uthman Taib says:

    I don't understand why airport workers aren't exempted. This is the only country I've noticed airport staff aren't driving. Their job first of all requires driving around. The shift timings, public buses aren't running after 10pm.
    I believe airport workers should be easy exempted, not all of course.
    How can this be lobbied for hearing?

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