642 Marathon in Kuwait

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Race Categories

  • 642 MarathonDistance: 42 kmMinimum age eligibility: 18 years on race day
  • Half MarathonDistance: 21 kmMinimum age eligibility: 18 years as on race day
  • Souq RunDistance: 10 kmMinimum age eligibility: 16 years as on race day
  • Family Fun RunDistance: 5 kmMinimum age eligibility: 12 years
  • The Special Run (For Special Needs)Distance: 5 kmMinimum age eligibility: 16years as on race day

* All finishers of the marathon race category will get a Finisher Medal post their run on race day.


642 & Pro-Vision Sports Management

Pro-Vision Sports Management provides every client with a complete management service, to advise and assist in every aspect of your sporting events. At Pro-Vision Sports Management, part of our objective includes the organization and hosting various local and international sport events. More importantly is to increase awareness of sports practice in the region.

What does 642 mean? 642 is the total number of muscles used for running.

642 was created to give every individual a chance to experience the taste of a run. Whether you’re a well trained runner or a new comer to sports, this race is designed for everyone. From 5K to 42K, anyone is capable of trying it as long as they’re willing to. The organizers of this Marathon are well experienced when it comes to Sports Events and Marathons especially in Kuwait and have carefully designed all categories of the marathon to be different and achievable for everyone.

Also what makes 642 different from other marathons is the introduction is the 2 new concepts: Special Needs category & 42K Full Marathon on Road.

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  1. Can a person walk the 5km?

  2. How can we sponsor the event and place a booth

  3. Moustafa Ramzy matege yala nro7 nharwel 😀

  4. Yes. go to any extreme sports location in KC. That's how I registered.

  5. There is no start time. No map of where the start line is. Nothing that tells you where to pick up your race number.

  6. Problem with the Pro-Vision KNET payment gateway. Can we register and pay somewhere else? Like Extreme Sports or…?

  7. which date ???????????

  8. Christ Almighty – It is 15th November & KD 20 for the Full Marthon – Use your eyes people!

  9. Mimi BL says:

    when will it be?? …

  10. How can I get pass it's free or not

  11. John Mai says:

    How about posting when and where this race is run?

  12. John Mai says:

    How about posting when and where this race is run?

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