2 Bangladeshi expats face death penalties

February 4, 20164 Comments

Criminal court presided over by Judge Mohammad Al-Duaij sentenced two Bangladeshi expatriates to death for smuggling and peddling drugs.

According to the case file, one of the convicts was seized by customs officers at Kuwait International Airport for attempting to leave the customs area without handing over his baggage for security screening.

The convict, who was entering the country under Article 20 visa (domestic visa), was found in possession of one kilogram of marijuana, which he confessed he was smuggling for one of his compatriots who was eventually arrested by securitymen.

Source : Arabtimes


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  1. Wtf..why it turned in to racist way. Those who are doing crime will be punished even if he is from heaven.

  2. omg very bad to <a href="www.gotechstudio.com">listen</a>

  3. When any Indian peoples arested for any criminal or iillegal activities not show the Indian, hiding nationality and almost writing asian, but any Bangladeshi peoples make any illegal work that's time make highlight covering in the news paper about the Bangladeshi . This is not a Yellow journalism?

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