13 teachers arrested in cafe in Kuwait

April 25, 201624 Comments

Thirteen expatriate teachers were arrested while giving private tuition illegally at a coffee shop, labor inspectors said yesterday.

They include eight working for the private sector, four working in public schools and one on a dependent visa, said Mohammed Al-Thufairi, Head of the Manpower Public Authority’s inspection team.

They were arrested during a crackdown carried out as per instructions of Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al- Subaih and in collaboration with the Interior Ministry’s residency affairs detectives, Thufairi added.

Source : Kuwait Times

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  1. Perhaps if some parents didn't consider themselves too wealthy to help their own kids with their homework (i.e. engage in a bit of actual parenting, rather than let the nanny, school, tutors raise their kids) there'd be less need for tutors in Kuwait 😉 Some kids as young as 8 or 9 are having tuition, while their parents sit on their butts surfing the web or painting their nails. Unless the government are going to enforce "parenting" then there'll always be tuition work….I'll take the money if the parents can't be bothered…especially as it is the only help these seemingly parentless kids are gonna get.

  2. Philip Sager your right dude! Theyre not criminals. what theyre doing is not against law. kids need help and for that teachers are thier for help. of course teachers aren't teach without in return "theres no free" if you know that?Supid kids! And i will say that kids here have no manners!!!

  3. Vasudev CA says:

    Iam with Saji. These teachers are earning crores ar the cost of children. They teach nothing in school. The parents are fooled to send their children to evening schools since these private tutions are also like a school. I strongly recommend to arrest this mafia who are using computer centres to escape from kuwait police.

  4. Sajid Mahammad as a teacher here inKuwait I take great offence to your comment. I came here to teach and work hard to ensure all my students understand the concepts taught as do my colkeagues. Some children need extra support for a variety if reasons some because the struggke with a second language. So in future dont be so dismissive to teachers and students.

  5. Since u feel that the teachers are not teaching in school and the material is expensive and that they are a mafia… then y do send ur children to school ….. because of couple of teachers who have done this …do not blame all… if you know better then keep ur kids at home and how about u give them a graduation certificate from ur printer . ??? I was never a bright student but because of my parents and teachers I stand proud of who I am today ..

  6. Sarah Jmt surely let me know where you run this business.

  7. Sarah Jmt says:

    Hey man go fuck yourself

  8. It is illegal only in Kuwait

  9. Shobha Susan Onil what bothers u so much?may b u r also directly or indirectly part of this business.its illegal to involve in parttime tution business if ur working in dat profession this d law of the land where we work.secondly we pay hafty school term fees & 5 times more for books given in school compared to prices of books in d own country.after spending so much v shld get quality education in return for our childrens in school n not in tutions.

  10. Shobha Susan Onil what bothers u so much?may b u r also directly or indirectly part of this types of .itslegal to involve in any business.this d law of the land when work.secondly we pay hafty school term feest & 5 times more for books given in school compared to prices of books in d own country.after spending so much v shld get quality education in return for our childrens in school n not in tutions.

  11. Vic Yancey says:

    Sumayya Banna the Royal family and police weren't getting a cut.

  12. Vic Yancey says:

    Sounds like weak parents

  13. Sajid Mahammad if you cant help dont interfere….there are people who need it….so just shut up and live with it …anyway you are not sending your kids…so whats it you…fanatics like you should be deported for instigating trouble for others…

  14. Sajid Mahammad stupid kids have stupid parentes WHO also would need extra studies

  15. What's wrong with that?

  16. Vanessa Hazel Bhasin agreed few students are week in studies n need special attention n for dat there r registered coaching classes.here point iscsame school teachers r doing partime business by taking tutions n this teachers r not teaching anything in school so dat they can earn 5 times more of their sallary in this tution business.

  17. No teacher is willing to stay past normal school hours for extra studies services as they are not compensated for it . The children are caught in the middle . It's the weak students who usually need extra guidance and revision . I think it's no harm . If a parent thinks it's wrong and a racket they wouldn't send their child. But these parents also need help, to give better understanding to their children on a particular subject . In no mean it is harming the society.

  18. Vanessa Hazel Bhasin I do have kids…here education is become business.teachers in schools teaches nothing so dat students come for tutions in evening.if you survey you will find same school teacher running tution business for same school students in evening…all mafia business

    • Happy Travels says:

      Sajid Mahammad
      You really do not know what you are talking about so just be quiet…you are an idiot with bigoted ideas. All teachers ‘teach’ if they did not they would not be employed! Some kids are just not as academic as others….and some just do not get the support they need at home. Learning is not done in school alone…..parents need to follow up with the children, they spend more time at home one on one than ever they do in school where they are one in a class of many!

  19. Mess?? wait till you have kids who find it difficult to understand a subject !

  20. Make a list of all maths/science teacher from education department with their residence address.form a multi team n make a suprise visit to their flats after 3pm…if ur really serious to clean this mess.

  21. People caught doing tutorial job or as private tutors at a coffee shop.

  22. Could you please furtherly elaborate the news…we're just guessing up here

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