No more Kuwait visas for Ghanaian

April 18, 20163 Comments

No more Kuwait visas for ‘Ghanaian maidservants’

Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Alhaji Saeed Sinare, says Ghanaian girls who travel to Kuwait to serve as maidservants will no longer be issued with visas.

Speaking on Atinka FM AM Drive with Kwame Adinkra Monday, Alhaji Sinare revealed that the Ghanaian government is in talks with the Kuwaiti Government to halt the issuance of ‘visa 20 ‘to Ghanaian girls who want to travel to the Gulf State to do menial jobs .

Alhaji Sinare further said that it’s a shame to see people contacting illegal agencies for jobs and ending up being abused. He said government only recognizes 22 legal recruiting agencies in the country and therefore warned young girls to be cautious when choosing these agencies.  He said there will be no more visas to Kuwait for menial jobs until things are properly regularized.

Source : Ghanaweb

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  1. It's the best thing to do. Some Kuwaitis are very wicked. I am in Kuwait, what I faced here in Kuwait hmmm, Only God who saved me out. My agent told me its a restuarant work that i will be doing in kuwait here but when i came, the agent here said it a maiden work, i av nothing to say apart from okay.When I came to Kuwait, my madam told me that no phone is allowed, OMG I told her OK but I hide my phone coz no internet on it. I only Sat in dat house for only 2month and I bought a phone. I told my madam I can't do the work and she called the agent to come and pick me, the agent took me to her house saying I av to pay the amount of 800kd, I was like, why that money she said that is the visa money, and I have to pay for medicals, so she took my 76kd and my 75$ from me telling to work for 1month so that I use that money for my plane ticket, I said ok no problem. The place she took me I worked for 6month, but they pay me for only one month, I run to the office to tell the agent, infact she called my Baba to come and bit me up, I was beating like a thief, my Baba even said if I don't follow him home he will kill me and non of my family will see me, I beg my agent and the Baba but still was receiving the slaps and beating. They took me home and continue the beatings, my agent called them to take my phone from me, my Baba put his hand in my breast to remove it, OMG hmmmm, not easy for me I though I was dead. So I worked for 6month with out payment. I was maltreated. Everything of my was taken from me. I don't have even pad, to wear. My Baba is a police man in jaleeb so I was afraid to report him, my agent is in the office of Azeeba Naif Dihanij for manpower recruitment @jleeb, She is called Mrs Christy daman, very wicked woman, she is from India. I pray for her to be arrested. For me I runaway from that house, now I need help to go home and also my money should be taken from the agent for me. For my Baba I leave him to Allah Kareem. I thank God that visa for Ghanaians to Kuwait is counciled. All what the agents want is money they don't care what you face. They must be seriously warn. Thank u AGRIK.

  2. Am ok with that bcs they abuse us and we don't have a good salary

  3. That's good some rich people think they are God for we don't no tomorrow how life may turn to be treating mate like slave sex abuse BC of money God have mercy on some of them

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