41 arrested in raid on homosexual massage parlour in Kuwait

April 18, 201613 Comments

Kuwaiti authorities have arrested 41 men for engaging in homosexual prostitution services at massage parlours in the capital Kuwait City.


The men, all Asians, were charging 10 dinars (Dh121.77) for the sexual services offered under the guise of massages, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Sunday. They were arrested during a raid conducted by a ministerial joint committee made up of representatives from the interior ministry, the immigration and the manpower authority tasked with ensuring full compliance with the labour market regulations.

A committee source said that an undercover member was sent ahead to the parlour to negotiate the sexual session and pay the 10 dinar fee. Once the committee had the confirmation that the massage parlour was breaking the law, it conducted the raid and arrested those implicated.

“During the raid, we found sexual toys and substances, women’s underwear and make up kits in some parlours,” Mohammad Al Dhufairi, the head of the joint committee, said. “We are serious about the full application of the law and we will continue our zero-tolerance policy towards abusers and violators,” he said.

Kuwaiti authorities have had at times to move against massage parlours that were in fact fronts for prostitution and, in some cases, blackmail. In November 2013, four women were arrested for involvement in sexual services at a massage parlour in the bustling area of Salmiya.

Source : Gulf News

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  1. Vic Yancey says:

    Looks like the police and minister weren't getting their cuts…

  2. Rami Boss says:

    To much here in mahboola bt no body come 2them they have big wasta how many massage here 4sex only man 2man yakhs sick people

  3. Zie Tah says:

    Kuwait is by all means sodom and Gomorrah in recent times ….if Its not about sexual abuse it will b about dead….can we for one's start getting son good news and not all this rubbish

  4. I think is better to allow in Kuwait normal SPA and Massage centers with clear rules.
    I have been in Kuwait before for few months and I noticed there are many Gay Spa in Slamayia and Hawalli, and all people know 100% how the business in these places.
    it isn't new in Kuwait and police know that too very well and the staff are working looking Gays.
    when I asked why too much massage centers and Spa in kuwait ?!!! all they Kuwaiti like this business and like to do massage.
    the Kuwaiti Police have to take care because Kuwait is not open country like other countries and they have big number of workers from different countries , most of them singles !!!! so some time they want make anything to get their human needs even with gays.

  5. Who is the owner
    Who runs the parlour
    Who is the sponsor of this arrested Asian?
    Be transparent y they are not included in this report
    Not my problem not my business who they are but I'm just curious coz they only reporting expats
    Peace Be with us
    Just asking 😀 :-D. 😀

  6. Rare Breed says:

    Dagmara Darina Awfa You sound really stupid…. and only stupid people can sound so stupid…. I am sure the rules are made just to punish the expats… am sure these people were hired by a kuwaiti (Muslim, right? ) and was on his sponsorship when he was working there. And I am sure most of the men who were visiting the spa were muslims…. these people were hired to work their making use of their financial problems… and when they reached your country they were again exploited…. and you will not talk about punishing the person who exploited them… very good…. so keep your stupid mentality to yourself…. and please dont talk about homosexuality or my country…. as you dont know anything about either of them… also please work on your english too before posting such stupid comments…

  7. Dagmara Darina Awfa homosexuals are humans, two I doubt your a country, and three homosexuality is genetic and is their personal interest, don't be stupid and try to police people for living life the way they want to

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  9. that is not yours problem homosexsual come from yours country just like you goo home and ther make what u can not im muslim country like Kuwait

  10. Kuwait now a very where now masses parlar

  11. Better stop massage palour

  12. Rare Breed says:

    the question is how many of those who were taking these services were arrested ??

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