MOI warned the residents to avoid to let your kids to roam on highways

June 18, 20160

Public Relations and Security Media Department of Ministry of Interior congratulates all citizens and expatriates on the advent of Ramadan Girgian celebrations.

In a press release, it warned the residents of the country about the dangers of activities involved in these celebrations such as allowing children to roam highways and streets late at night either alone or with housemaids which can expose them to accidents.

The department urged motorists to be careful and drive slowly especially on internal roads of residential areas and near the gates of residential buildings and private houses. It advised parents and guardians to keep an eye on their children so that they are not lost.

It also advised them to avoid adorning their children with jewelry and leaving them alone on the streets in order to avoid being robbed.

The department affi rmed its intention to hold awareness campaigns on various media outlets in this regard, insisting that guardians and parents should abide by security instructions and traffi c regulations so that they can avoid unfortunate situations and accidents.

Source : Arabtimes

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