Arrested from Farwaniya

June 18, 20169 Comments


Security agencies arrested several beggars from Farwaniya and Kuwait City.

The Interior Ministry stressed its zero-tolerance policy towards begging and reiterated that it would be strict in granting visit visas to ensure that foreigners do not take advantage of the holy month to enter Kuwait and engage in the lucrative activity of asking money from people.

Foreigners who are caught begging will be deported and will be banned from entering any other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country in the future. The GCC comprises Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Money transfers abroad and the names of the senders and receivers will be strictly monitored, the meeting disclosed.


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  1. Good decision from MOI about the begging

  2. Maria Ali says:

    MOI !! Also I was visiting your country and saw that there is several younguer kids selling watermelons.Fake flowers at each stop in the streets.I think they are only pretending to sell but in reality are also begging for money,as i saw many citizens just handing them money!!!

  3. RM Naushad , be kind enough to the people brother we may not know what going on their life,they are not educated to leave their current job and get other better job immediately, saying is easy but its so difficult, almighty God knows the best. If you cannot help say them sorry they will understand it. Sorry

  4. Yusuf Soni says:

    Plz I would like to inform M.O.I that there too many beggars in fahaheel speacially on thursday and friday they come in groups plz do needfull

  5. RM Naushad says:

    Brother ur right if they don't get enough salary they should leave the job…

  6. NUSRAT says:

    U should think before commenting dont judge only one there are different nationalities. they might be working for very poor salaries and not paid properly which makes thm to do this. Being a muslim u should respect.

  7. RM Naushad says:

    Most beggars from bangaladesh and those who are working in municipality

  8. That's good idea for the safest of every sender's of their money.

  9. Very Good!and very safe….

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