Ministry will cut off water supply to 18 areas for 18 hours , Kuwait

August 9, 20150

Infrastructure Phase 1Assistant Undersecretary for Water Operations and Maintenance in the Ministry of Electricity and Water Engineer Khalifa Al-Fureij recently announced that the ministry will cut off water supply to 18 areas for 18 hours starting from next Friday at 6:00 pm. He added the ministry embarks on a series of maintenance works to improve the main water network by linking five pipes with the network for clean water, as part of the construction and maintenance project of the middle of the roads and intersections on Jahra expressway executed by the Ministry of Public Works.

Al-Fureij named the areas to be affected as follows: Suleibikhat, Doha, Qairuwan, Nahda, Gharnata, Andalus, Suleibiya, both residential and industrial area, old and new Ardiya, and Ardiya industrial area, Rabiya, Firdaus, Qasr, parts of Jahra, Naeem and Amghara.

He advised residence of the aforementioned areas to store enough water in their reserve tanks, noting the ministry will open four water filling stations throughout the day (24 hours) and consumers in the affected areas can call the ministry hotline “152” for tankers to bring water to them.

Meanwhile, an official ministry source revealed a noticeable increase in water consumption and electricity, adding the power load surpasses all previous records in the last months compared to the same period last year (May and June), reports Al-Qabas daily.

The source added the highest water consumption in the month of July was 461.600 million imperial gallons compared to production rate of 437.151 million imperial gallons. He explained the strategic reserve reached 3475.751 million imperial gallons the same day, affirming the remaining rate of consumption varied in other days.

He added the consumption rate recorded in the last day of the month was 427.495 million imperial gallons. The official expected the water consumption in the current month will improve compared to the past three months, especially as the weather is improving and temperatures have dropped relatively.

Source : MenaFM

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