Kuwaiti females married to Expats

November 7, 20160

According to this statistic,

there are 672 Kuwaiti females married to Saudis, 401 married to illegal residents, 46 married to Iraqis, 40 to Syrians, 26 to Iranians, 13 to Egyptians, 9 to Yemenis, 8 to Canadians, 7 to Jordanians, 4 to Omanis, 3 to Lebanese, 2 to Liberians, 2 to Qataris, Pakistanis, Afghani each.

In addition to single cases, with a total of 28, whose husbands are from Eretria, UAE, Chad, Germany, Australia, Morocco, India and Denmark. There are 94 female cases whose financial aid was stopped due to failure to meet requirements.

Source : Arabtimes

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