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No entry visa required from Jan 1, 2022

November 13, 20210 Comments

Dean of Diplomatic Corps and Ambassador of Tajikistan to Kuwait Dr Zabidullah Zabidov said the decision to exempt Kuwaitis from obtaining entry visas to Tajikistan will take effect at the beginning of next year, reports Al-Anba daily.

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Unpaid expat gets cash exceeding his one year salary

April 21, 20210 Comments

A large number of citizens visited the school where the alleged oppressed security guard works, and gave him sums of money which exceeded the money owed to him by the company.

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300,000 illegally obtained Kuwaiti citizenship

January 10, 20180 Comments

A Kuwaiti lawmaker claimed that out of the 1.3 million Kuwaitis, only one million were genuine while the remaining 300,000 had obtained it fraudulently.

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Kuwaiti females married to Expats

November 7, 20163 Comments

According to this statistic,

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Video – Hillary Clinton among Kuwaitis

November 6, 20160 Comments

Video – Hillary Clinton among Kuwaitis 

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Video – Kuwaitis rescued the sheep from the sea in Kuwait

August 5, 20151 Comment

sUntitledA group of Kuwaiti men on a voyage in their boat in the Gulf water stumbled across a sheep struggling against the waves to remain alive. Continue Reading &raquo

Before i was working IN the office and now i am working FOR the office

July 14, 20152 Comments

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I can shop with my kids , Kuwait

December 9, 20144 Comments

IMG-20141208-WA0071_resizedEKBAL Behbehani and her team organized a “Special Needs” shopping day at Jameayat al Daeyah, “I can shop with my kids”.

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E-Visa system for the UK , Kuwait

December 9, 201421 Comments


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