E-Visa system for the UK , Kuwait

December 9, 201421 Comments


Kuwait’s long awaited e-visa system for the UK will be introduced by June next year, six months later than planned, the Kuwait Times reported.

Under the new system, Kuwaitis travelling to the UK for tourism can apply online for a visa waiver just 48 hours before travelling. This will allow for a single entry visit to the UK for up to six months, similar to visa waivers that are being introduced next month for Qatar, Oman and the UAE.

The Director of Middle East and North Africa at Britain’s Foreign Office Edward Oakden told the paper: “The delay in Kuwait is because the computer program that underpins it had some problems when we introduced it (the system) in the three other countries. It relates to, in particular, how people put in their name and the spelling of their names in Arabic and English, such that when people were using it for the first time, 40 percent of the applications were getting thrown out.”

“We have amazing relations with Kuwait and Kuwaitis in particular who always visit the UK. The e-visa will be free for those wishing to travel once for a period of 6 months for tourism to Britain,” added British ambassador to Kuwait Matthew Lodge,

Source : Arabian Business

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  1. Afam Chris says:

    i need a kuwait visa how can i get it send me your number or email

  2. France Germany Italy Spain …….
    If you want visa call this number 55806706

  3. How about in u.s.a how to apply if i want tour is there show money?

  4. How to aply in Australia as tourist visa? Thank you!

  5. Philippines
    People can apply visa also how to apply can you tel me pls.

  6. if you are going with your sponsor then it might work out, other wise its difficult…

  7. thank you Mohammed Asif Shaikh .you think its possible they will give me bcz I"am only a visa 20 HOUSE KEEPER.just i want to visit my Auntie thier…

  8. Level 25, Al Tijaria Tower, Al Sharq,
    Al Soor Street, Kuwait City

  9. Theres a office in ALRaya Building, you may go and apply from there..

  10. yes only Kuwaiti can, third national have to go n apply in the office

  11. it's seems to be very hard dear no idea why they not open entry of Pakistanis

  12. I think this visa is for Kuwaiti nationals only.

  13. how to apply E-VISA if i want to make tour in france….

  14. how to apply E-VISA if i want to make tour in france….

  15. Me want apply but how;me is cook .

  16. Philippines people how to apply

  17. Pakistan k visa Kub open ho gaye

  18. It will be easeir to get visa then

  19. how to apply for the job from india

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