Before i was working IN the office and now i am working FOR the office

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Before i was working IN the office and now i am working FOR the office, Before my company’s ID card was my proud to have as mine identity and now it is just a gate pass.

Yes, these feeling popup at the door step of your office after a meeting of artificial smiles with words “YOU HAVE BEEN INFORMED THAT THE HIGH MANAGEMENT IS GOING TO TRANSFER YOUR RESIDENCY TO ANOTHER SISTER COMPANY BUT YOU WILL WORK WITH US” with the ending words, We like your work, you are very hardwork …etc but it is high management decision. We are helpless.

Few years before govt has taken a decision to declare the quota for Kuwaitis Job Seeker in private companies. Well, it was a good decision to give a track to Kuwait’s Youth to utilize the job opportunities in Kuwait instead of blaming and sitting in diwaniya. I am repeating, It was totally a good decision for whole of the society to learn and teach by working together irrespective nationalities standard, the chance to understand the needs and the ways to improve the team work and Kuwait’s Economy.

BUT what happened at end, most of the companies could not fulfil the such requirements so they started transferring the expats residencies to sister/subsidiaries companies to balance the quota. Waw, my dear high management, if you became fail to meet the given requirements then it was your job to sort out the reasons that why such companies couldnt create the jobs opportunities for Skilled Kuwaitis or why they couldnt attract them to join your company. You are just fixing your papers to show that how many of your staff are Kuwaitis & Non Kuwaitis and in reality nothing has changed. At end what happened, the job seeker Kuwaiti guy is still in diwaniya and the guy which you have transferred to another company is still working with you. So ultimately the purpose of the new law didnt work at all. Just you have satisfied yourself in company’s paper only without any benefit to Kuwait.

As per my words if nothing is changed, then what have you lost? You lost the passion and dedication of your employee who was working before of his best as his own work in your office now may be he will just count the working hours and passing days to get the salary and may be revise his CV due to disappointment.

May be this incident is common for some but it depends that how sincere you are/was with your company name.

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  2. I love to hard work bcoz I'm born in Kuwait and this is my 2nd home Kuwait and always trying to get bater then previous job.

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