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New rule for transfer of expat workers visa

October 31, 20180 Comments

In a bid to organize the labor market and reduce the rate of marginal workers, the Public Authority of Manpower has released new conditions for movement of expatriate workers within various sectors in collaboration and cooperation with Civil Service Commission and the Ministry of Interior.

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Check your passports detail

August 21, 20171 Comment

Ministry of Interior prevented some expatriates from leaving the country because the information recorded in their passports do not match that in the ministry’s system.

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Passport and Residency Validity Link To Take Effect January 1

September 29, 20150 Comments

kuwait-residencyThe decision to link the validity period of residence permits with that of the passports of expatriate workers will take effect on Jan 1, 2016 Continue Reading &raquo

Before i was working IN the office and now i am working FOR the office

July 14, 20152 Comments

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‘No dependent’ visas for parents of resident expatriates

December 28, 201451 Comments

Kuwait has announced the suspension of issuance of dependent visas for parents of expatriates in Kuwait, affirming that they will be granted only visit visas, reports Al-Rai daily. He explained that expatriates pay KD 50 to obtain dependent visas for their parents while the country spends almost KD 15,000 for their medical treatments, as per statistics issued by Ministry of Health. Continue Reading &raquo

Rethinking sponsorship system

December 1, 20141 Comment

The sponsorship (kafala) system in the Gulf needs a good dust-off to provide workers and employers alike protection from fraud and abuses. Continue Reading &raquo

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