Kuwait bound Air India flight captain saves 153 lives

November 30, 201480 Comments


 The alert captain of an Air India flight to Kuwait averted a disaster at the airport here by detecting an engine snag just before takeoff and managed to halt the plane on the runway Saturday night. There were 153 passengers on board the plane that was to land at Goa en route to Kuwait, an AI official said, adding that they have been accommodated in hotels and the flight rescheduled for Sunday.

The AI official said the plane was speeding on the runway for takeoff at around 8 pm when the captain found malfunctioning in the engine and alerted the air-traffic control (ATC). The ATC asked him to halt the flight, which he managed with some difficulty as the Airbus-320 had picked up speed by then. The engineers found that some parts needed replacement and they were indented from Delhi, as they were not available here. The passengers 89 bound for Goa and the rest booked for Kuwait were told to disembark and the plane was towed to the bay for repairs, the AI official added.

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  1. All credit goes to captain………

  2. Ashi Mus says:

    Modi traveled this flight?

  3. its not caption …. its captain

  4. Jane Pereira not always….. every time regular delays improper maintenance on top of it the crew who are quite unpleasant

  5. Friends avoid this bull shit airlines. If you really love your life then avoid air india.

  6. Its was because all goans are under protection of goancho saib

  7. Air india flight not good

  8. It's a common fault for any machinery, but it is true to check the status of the machine before leaving anywhere

  9. Salim Baig says:

    Lacks of crore black money in india.take them back an bring all new planes

  10. As I understand it atc told the captain to stop the plan and as long as the plane never reach v1 its not hard to stop the plane

  11. Mady ur stupid thoughts n saying keep it for ur self…..It would been much better if u was there in the flight tht time……1st the aircraft which they send in gulf country r very old….don't say someone family to hang his own family member. …its better u hang by urself so no trouble …

  12. Ur right nizami should hang the people who checked the aircraft before. ……..This would taken so many life….Thank god. …..

  13. Modi ji ne achey din diye now good days soon comeing

  14. Air India Pilots flying these Scrap planes should refuse to fly these Scrap flights if the love their own life. Pilots and crew only go on strike to ask for a salary raise. They are not bothered about other aspects of the Flights.


  16. Louis Pv says:

    The person who has given this news heading may be thinking that all others can be fooled.

  17. Nizami Naz says:

    Comparing flight with a car…?? LOL! What a stupid comparison.
    Before leaving home how many mechanics there to check ur car and certify it is good for the ride? u wil check the car for any mechanical fault..ok.. accepted, but it is by you not an experienced technician… so if any thing happened due to mechanical failures your family cant blame you. If they do so I'm sorry abt u.. they dont knw nothing abt car & not believ in u. U must hang yourself..!!!
    but regarding flights every airlines appointed their on technicans & engineers to check the flight before it start flying. Not by the passengers or crew..! Pilot can do the final checks only. So anything happened due to mechanical failure nobody will hang the pilot but sure the enginers hav to answer about it. Most of the flight accidents happened due to human error like irresponsible & neglegence. For more proof go through each flight accidents investigation reports online.

  18. This fight must be 20+ years old and they don't maintain. This is the final result and thanks to Captain for saving so many lives.

  19. Both Kuwait Airways and Air India send there most worn out models for flights between Kuwait and India. Classic case of life of labours/slaves taken for granted.

  20. I agree with u dear Rinosh Thomas

  21. If you love yourself please die

  22. Air India is always like this when u go by air India think u will be not in safe until u reach thanks

  23. JoAn Reb says:

    Rinosh Thomas think before u pass ur comments on Air India.

  24. i love my life and i always travel in air india.

  25. Nawaz Khan says:

    dont trust in mechanery….trust in god.
    god will hlp all of us in any condition.thnk u

  26. Totally baseles…
    No body is safe anywhere.
    It's a man made.machine

  27. why not? being Indian you say that? Where is your loyalty to India? Yes it can happen to any airline in the world!

  28. Think twice before travel by our AIR INDIA !

  29. Think twice before travel by our AIR INDIA !

  30. Air india flights r mostly delay or technical problems flights.& tickets r expensive. ..

  31. Its fool to blame the airlane

  32. everything is well at the end

  33. my boss was supposed to be at the same flight. Thanks to god

  34. Asif Rasul says:

    Never travel in air india , coz always somthing wrong , air india flight destroy the name of indians .

  35. Shaik Syed says:

    India No 1 Worst Flights……

  36. Modi sir, please arrange a new flight for kuwait passengers.

  37. Praise The lord who saved all the passengers and thanks to Caption also.

  38. This is not the first time, there is always problem with Air india flights, you will never reach in time always late so its better all indians should boycott this flight by travelling with other airlines .

  39. My Question is why there is only Air India express from Kuwait, Dubai,Bahrain,muscat……..exetra….. to Mangalore? Why India is not allowing Other flights? which politics is going on???

  40. 8 pm AI flight is not going to Goa.

  41. Frank D'Souza yeah i know that. what i asked in the end was, what if KUWAIT AIRWAYS had the same problem ??

  42. You don't travel and don't tell others not to travel.

  43. This can happen to any airline.

  44. Maddy Khan not the family the doctors and nurses will hang him in the IV stand. but in the case of the flight that kind of a break down happened in the mid air because of improper checking and ignorance, what you will say about it????????????????

  45. Thank God all safe Thank you to pilot

  46. ఎయిర్ ఇండియా కొత్త విమానాలు గల్ఫ్ దెసలుకు లేవు బ777వేస్తె బాగుంటది

  47. it was a flight to Kuwait.

  48. Shan Shaan says:

    I am going india 25 december today I am change ticket any flight but I am not travel air india

  49. Oops aim all ready conform December 15
    So wat to do

  50. Worst flight of the world air india if u love ur life dont travel in air india

  51. Really Air India sucks. So does Air India Express.. Better not to travel in Air India… btw, Im surprised to hear that Kuwait International Airport didn't have the parts that were needed to get the plane repaired !!! Then, What if this happens to Kuwait Airways ??

  52. Maddy Khan says:

    Its a mechanic machine like your car. You might check before leaving home but in about 5min on high way it breaks down and then u need a replacement.
    Moral : your family should hang u

  53. Nizami Naz says:

    "The engineers found that some parts needed replacement"…
    Hang those who checked the flight before takeoff.. this is simply irresponsible… anyway congrats goes to captain.

  54. Nizami Naz says:

    "The engineers found that some parts needed replacement"…
    Hang those who checked the flight before takeoff.. this is simply irresponsible… anyway congrats goes to captain.

  55. India should be think our avaitation problems

  56. air india all flyts are scrab..dnt fly air india

  57. What is india government doing ?

  58. शुक्र हे अल्लाह का बच गए

  59. Ktml Ktml says:

    Please to public. Don't tra vell in AIR INDIA flights

  60. Ktml Ktml says:

    Please arrange the flights need to scrap. M'e a quotation for air india scraped flights and save the public then save the valuable time fore NRE s please arrange any thing we are begging to AIR INDIA

  61. Ktml Ktml says:

    It is very waste of times. "W)s air india flights making losing valuable times of public and world

  62. Thank God…best captain like you is what we need in most of our flight.MORE POWER TO YOU CAPTAIN! GOD BLESS

  63. If u love ur life never travel in air india

  64. Thanks god, and thanks to the captain…..

  65. Air india always has a problem…..this is not something new……..in month it has 4 to 5 times problem kwi to goa route

  66. Do not Fly in air india

  67. Do not fly in air india

  68. Omg thnx 2 d captain n d most 2 god v goans r always safe in d hands of our patron saint st. Francis Xavier

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