Deportation of Expatriates if found behind rumours

July 5, 20152 Comments

DeportationAccording to the Gulf News which is quoted by Al Jareeda (Kuwait Daily) that if any expat found behind to spread any rumours, he/she will be deported immediately as it is another kind of terrorism and in case of any Kuwaiti Nationality, govt will take extreme legal action without any tolerance as it is about of Kuwait’s security.

Being expat i would like to add that treat the Kuwait as your second home, we have to be in safe side to keep the Kuwait safe and let the security agencies their duties in proper way. If you find any suspicious thing around you then contact the security agencies with complete responsibilities and they will cooperative with you but don’t convey/forward blidnly the any unauthorized news to others by social media and other sources until it is verified by MOI.

Source : Gulf News

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  1. Kindly correct.But thanks for the info..

  2. Wrong grammar po and some use terms are mispelled.

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