Couple Arrested

May 16, 201619 Comments

According to the daily, acting on a tip-off police raided an apartment at an unidentified location, arrested the couple and seized from them large quantities of alcohol ready for sale, raw material and alcohol manufacturing equipment.

During interrogation the couple admitted to the charge and also said they had been living together as husband and wife although not married legally.

A case of trading in locally-manufactured alcohol and adultery has been filed against them.

Source : Arantimes

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  1. Adeeb Gaur indian are 100% drinker. Whereas Pakistanies are 5 % or less. So thats why they must be Bloody Indian.

  2. Adeeb Gaur says:

    Don't blame indians.
    Pakistani also do this .

  3. Akram Khan It is not the matter of smuggling, it is about the matter of making and producing ilegal thing together with a woman which was not his wife, its another crime, and these mother fuckers must be indians as they cant live without this dirty thing.

  4. Akram Khan says:

    Maybe indians as you said, Pakistanis never do any crime they never smuggling drugs in kuwait saudi arabia UAE, they never do kidnapping murders thousands of innocent people, moreover they never do any small mistake, In saudi more than 3600 pakistanis are in jail and waiting for beheaded for smuggling drugs only and death panishmanet in saudi every week, Read arabnews, saudi gazzette, arabtimes

  5. Yes that's true,,and correct, Mr.Shaikh Mukhtar

  6. Pradeep Thomas you shut your big mouth half christian and half hindu.

  7. idiot, u fucky peoples are most worst in wholen world

  8. لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

  9. Jay Son bro he shouldnt say that but your not suppose to abuse. Peace

  10. Crime has no Nationality nor Religion. stop judging peoples on their nationality, Color or appearance

  11. Capucine Hinshaw not a matter of raciest. Indians are mother fuckers they always making liquers and their woman sleep without marriages with other men. hahahahahahah. you better know that.

  12. Jay Son tolerate the truth Mr. Jay Son, they must be Indians. Coz Incian woman live without marriage with men. and Indian produces liquer. I persoanlly checked. hahahhhhahaha. cheap people.

  13. u want blame indains? pakistanis people are like fucking dogs

  14. Really!?!?!? Please go educate yourself. They could be from any country dont be a racsist…….

  15. Crime has no Nationality nor Religion. stop judging peoples on their nationality, Color or appearance

  16. Jay Son says:

    Fuck you man how scan you say that

  17. they must be Indian. Indian people are veteran in making liquer. *Dont mind indians

  18. Which nationality describe plz

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