14 Kuwaiti citizens and residents died due to drug

May 19, 20161 Comment

Fourteen Kuwaiti citizens and residents have died due to drug overdose since the beginning of the year, reports the Gulf Digital News.

 The updated figures are featured in a periodic report issued by the General Directorate for Criminal Evidence. A security source warned the increasing danger of drug trafficking, calling for a wide-ranging plan to combat the scourge which threatening Kuwaitis.

He pointed out that lab tests revealed that some narcotics and heroin seized in security operations were actually mixed with poisonous substances to increase weight, which took a heavy toll on peoples health and safe. 

He warned against the alarming increase in drug addicts, urging civil society institutions to cooperate with state to protect Kuwaiti youngsters, reported by Al- Qabas.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. The war on drugs will never be successful!

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