Various drugs seized in Kuwait

October 23, 20170 Comments

The Ministry of Interior attaches great importance to the fight against the self-damaging use of narcotics and prioritizes the efforts to protect youth against the risks of these substances, a senior official said on Saturday.

Between early July and October 14, large quantities of illicit drugs have been seized, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry for Criminal Security Affairs Maj-Gen Khaled Al-Deyain said.

During this period (Between early July and October 14) the security services managed to seize up to

15,506 kg of crystal meth (locally known as shabu),
13,118 kg of heroin,
14,032 kg of hashish,
21,100 kg of spice (also known as Zombie Drug),
8,270 Captagon tablets (dubbed Chemical Courage),
27,635 Tramadol tablets 35 grams of Cocaine,
17,365 tablets of other narcotic substances.

In addition, the lawenforcement agencies, in collaboration with the General Administration of Customs, seized 5,445 bottles of imported wine and 1,000 marijuana saplings, and aborted an attempt to smuggle 1.3 million Captagon tablets into the country,

Maj-Gen Al-Deyain said in a statement by the Ministry’s General Department of Public Relations and Security Media.

Source : Arabtimes

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