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Traffic Violation fine 200 KWD

November 27, 20160 Comments

The extreme campaign adopted by General Traffic Department (GTD) against law violators will continue until safety and sanity return to the roads, reports Al-Shahed daily.

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New Rule : 150 KD fine, Jail for 3 days and car impound for 3 months

October 30, 20160 Comments

The General Traffic Department has completed a study on toughening penalties for those who commit grave traffic violations, reports Al-Shahed daily. Reckless drivers shall be imprisoned for three days, fined KD150 and their cars will be impounded for three months.

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Kuwait introduces new fines (penalties) of 1000 & 2000 KWD , Kuwait

February 16, 201517 Comments

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5 KD Fines for smokers , Kuwait

January 27, 201552 Comments


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Pay Passport Fines Or Will Be Deported

January 19, 201511 Comments


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Expats who have not updated docus will be caught

January 12, 20150 Comments

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Ministry rescinds decision to collect fines in some cases

January 10, 20154 Comments

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Vitronic Poliscan Camera with ALPR System at Road 5 , Kuwait

November 11, 20148 Comments

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