5 KD Fines for smokers , Kuwait

January 27, 201552 Comments


After slapping a KD 5 on smokers, who fling out the cigarette buds from their moving vehicles, the Kuwait Municipality has revealed it plans to impose new tough measures on those who violate the law and smoke while driving, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily quoting Municipality sources said the measures may include impounding vehicles and issuing direct or indirect fines.

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. Rules are for only expatriates

  2. Law makers are not respecting law all police men's are using mobiles eating food and smoking while driving stop them first

  3. Juzar Ali says:


  4. Go suck your Baby milk are they paying you

  5. Fucked up rules it's inforced to aretatet people Kuwait's Don't give a FUCK sorry 4 the word

  6. That's a good idea maybe now the streets looks cleaner !!

  7. It's either you on drugs or you need deugs young lady that was funny thou

  8. its good all of people mustly do public area!how is success or not

  9. Brian don't give them ideas, in any case they wont implement this as they wont charge themselves or their folks for this deed…………………

  10. Agreed ….but also how about tailgating at highways? How about driving like maniac on emergency lanes? How abou texting and driving? Any potential address to such real life threats?

  11. Sounds a Great idea let's be honest it's a disgusting habit

  12. They should impose laws on Nationals prior to imposing this on Expats, let them first respect the laws of traffic isn't it?

  13. Kalim Ahmd says:

    Let us see Kuwait very good law

  14. how much you fine for smoking inside the vehicles its ok but i agree to ban smoking inside the vehicles and to any public places

  15. Drivers should be aware specially on the busses … Please let them alert on using headset while driving the passenger bus. Its more embarrassing than smoking. Sorry! But it should be.

  16. Especially for those parents who smoke with little kids in the car. I've seen that too many times and it's disgusting!

  17. Besides let's not get into the debate that for whom it is imposed for.As long as it is a law we need to follow it in our personal capacity and alert others as well.

  18. Rules are rules folks…it's not always a monetary benefit.so many are made in public interest. I am a smoker but at the same time believe that we shouldn't smok while driving …it can save you from so many potential hazards.lets learn to appreciate things logically . I mean no offense to anyone just shared my outlook.

  19. Yet another law that shall NEVER get enforced.

  20. Here laws are making only for expats

  21. Law in kuwait is always aplicable for expats only not for locals a good example you can't smoke in airport police are the one who's arresting using the right arm saying "taal taal" on the other hand is holding a cigarette a very nice role model…

  22. cigarettes killing slowly and softly….improve law on guns and knifes possesion, drugs, wreckless driving, runing thru red lights…..a lot more to do prior smoking

  23. Zalika Ali says:

    A new rule in Kuwait if you fart or burp that will be a 50kd fine for disrespecting kuwaiti culture and polluting the environment (p.s. When you drive and smell an aweful strong smell correction not from the sewards its from people letting out their farts from windows." Peace

  24. Good rule…..but hope will be equal……..

  25. This rules should be start from this week so good.

  26. It's ok but any driver need to smoke have any planning about in road smoking room.
    Or need only 5 k.D fine.
    Good design

  27. Only applicable for expat not local

  28. Only for expat for Kuwaiti people ignore this

  29. It's very good but I have to be careful from now

  30. It will be good,also drivers dont use headseat will driving…

    I read to many comments same like they don't agree, ok & break the rules in other country maybe not just fine but they will put you in the jail.. Just saying

  31. What's next a fine for breathing no better yet for living.

  32. If government really need money that bad, they should fine drivers on cell phones only 2 kd. They would make a fortune in less than a week.

  33. Good work not 5 kd. do 25 kd.

  34. Good work not 5 kd. do 25 kd.

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