Vitronic Poliscan Camera with ALPR System at Road 5 , Kuwait

November 11, 20148 Comments

cmaera499_nThe VITRONIC PoliScan is an automated license plate recognition (ALPR) system. It has the capability to identify colors on license plates and classify vehicles. It can recognize license plates even at very high speeds. It can perform well in road work areas, curved roads and in busy multi-lane roads.It automatically starts monitoring the stop lines whenever the traffic signal lights changes to red color. If any violation occurs, it takes a picture of the vehicle as it crosses the line and another picture at the intersection. Laser-basedThe pictures of the vehicles are captured even if the vehicles switch lanes or tailgate. The position and speeds of each vehicle in the tracking zone will be captured by a scanning laser. This method helps detect violations by drivers on multiple lanes. Besides radar, laser-based measurement operations are being carried out effectively in curves and in road work areas.

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  1. keep like this camera every road.its beter control the accident.

  2. Uros Lukic says:

    whats the point?! Kuwaiti's are still gonna high speed, cut lanes, not give signals, cause accidents and nothing will happen because…… yes u guessed it ..WASTAAAAA…. so imo…waste of money.

  3. how can you drive without plates ?

  4. Well its nice but must and should be for every volition

  5. wow super now pitbull all control
    in driving this is advanced technology very nice I like it

  6. Exactly y my plates are removed Kml !

  7. Verry nice System, Keep like this cams in every road better n verry safty

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