Pay Passport Fines Or Will Be Deported

January 19, 201511 Comments


52,000 residents have paid fines for not updating their data in computer until the end of last Thursday, reports Al-Jarida daily.

He pointed out the collection of fines from violators continues at all departments of residence affairs in the six governorates.

Al-Jarrah denied rumors that the Ministry of Interior will give a deadline for violators of residence law in the country to correct their status. He pointed out all violators of the residence law must pay fines otherwise they will be deported from the country when they are caught and will not be allowed to enter again.

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. it is illegal for your company to keep your passport you must address this with your embassy and employer

  2. Where can we check for the fine and where to update our details

  3. My passport will be expire on September 2018 so.. I should do the renew? Please someone tell

  4. Its amazing fines r giiven without the notice for upto date the passport totally wrong should be atleast people should be given time not direct fine first country i have seen million of rules u sleep tonight u dont know wat rules come overnight

  5. Rose Gador says:


  6. actually what kind of updation required i dont understand

  7. Go go go… deport deport deport… whos afraid

  8. #abufeweszanabubeker did you mean,,,it is amazing that your passport is with your company,that your safe from any penalty! Does my English correct???

  9. It is amazing my passport keep the company i gote penalty

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