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” To find out how other Countries have progressed in their 65 years of freedom and how they have developed peaceful and positive relations with their neighbours”.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with Kerataconus, a rare eye disease which was a big setback in my life. This condition made my life very painful and difficult. I was unable to work and I was becoming disillusioned with my life. During the early days of my diagnosis, I spent a great deal of time listening to Pakistani and Indian radio programmes. My attention was diverted to the on and off conflicts between India and Pakistan which have been going on since the respective independence of the two nations. As a result both nations have not been able to focus on the development of their people.
By living in Great Britain and travelling to USA (incredible example of a homeland of peace where everyone is treated so equally without base of religion, race and nationality). Especially I have always been fascinated with the way European Countries have developed since the end of World War II, which ended just before India and Pakistan obtained independence. How do Germany and Russia work together when over a total 25 million of their citizens were killed in conflict between them? How does Holland manage to get along with Germany after being invaded and ruled by them a little more than 65 years ago? How has Spain progressed after a bloody Civil War and having only become a democracy in the 1970’s?
As with the wide variety of Countries – all quite different to each other. I had hoped that I will collate diverse views that will promote peace and co-operation between India and Pakistan and assist in focusing on areas of development that have been the most beneficial to other societies. In this way I hope to highlight the views of the Pakistani and Indian people who are in a position to compare their homeland to their adopted countries and encourage a debate on the best way forward as we move through our 65th year of independence.
Keeping that in mind I decided to meet Pakistani and Indian people in these countries and see how they view the society in their adopted country and collect their views on what lessons can be learned from each one. And for this exercise, In 2012 I started by an overland epic journey from London to India via Pakistan which meant travelling through 21 countries – that is, travelling to 65 Cities and towns – one for every year of Independence that India and Pakistan have enjoyed and will travel via those countries where there was a high concentration of Indian and Pakistani communities living with a view to meeting them and record their views as to why the two countries are not living in peace and ask them for their suggestions as to how India and Pakistan can improve their relationship and live in peace. The most important issue to me was to highlight how Indian and Pakistani people are living abroad.
My peace journey crossed three subcontinents; the first leg of this peace journey was started on 12-12-12 at 12:12:12, followed by second leg through Middle East and Asia. According to my plan I covered 13 countries in the European Union and recorded views of overseas Indian and Pakistani nationals.
In every country I travelled through both Indian and Pakistani people welcomed me open heartedly and they arranged dinners and meetings in very short notice in my honour to welcome me which were attended by Indian and Pakistani dignitaries as well as many news papers, online news and TV channels and radio stations interviewed me.
During the first leg of my journey, I took a folder with me collecting written peace messages from the well wishers I met on my journey and I will continue to collect such peace messages during the second part of the journey. I plan to make two copies of this folder to hand a copy each to an Indian and a Pakistani celebrity with a request that the process of peace and friendship continues throughout India and Pakistan. I will invite my fans and followers to suggest and to whom the peace message folders should be handed.  Selection will be made through public voting via Star Malik’s Face Book.To start second leg of the journey, I faced lot of difficulties which tested my courage, devotion and dedication. The time is now set to continuethe second leg of my journey from Kuwait covering Middle East countries followed by Pakistan and then entering India via the Attari-Wagha border. I have also received assurances of support from many actors, singers, politicians, media and humanitarian organisations from Pakistan and India who have appreciated this initiative and offer all support on my arrival.

I am very proud of my initiative. As far as I am aware, I am the first person in history who started this journey by road to promote better relations between India and Pakistan. To contribute this huge cause and to bring about a change in perceptions of both Indian and Pakistani nations, I decided to launch a music album to promote peace and better relations between both nations. Because of inspiring legend Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachan’s movies and working on this project I have selected famous songs from his movies of 70’s and 80’s by introducing new lyrics to evergreen original music compositions,  every lyric that I wrote reflects peace and harmony between both nations and decided to record and launch the album in India and Pakistan.
I must clarify that I am not part of any political party or any organisation. My message is to end the hate and animosity that shamelessly exists in the two countries. The two countries should now have reached the maturity to address and resolve any problems between them diplomatically. If I can persuade just one single person to steer away from hate and extremism, then I will consider this to be an achievement and an accomplishment of my mission. I hope that my small effort towards promoting peace and friendship between the two nations will overcome all hurdles preventing peace in the region.
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