Residence renewal would be online by filling online forms

April 18, 20180 Comments

The Ministry of the Interior may opt for renewing the residence of expatriates ‘electronically’ from the beginning of 2019.

However, the daily said the renewal of domestic workers sponsored by the Kuwaitis will begin this September on experimental basis. This is in line with the plan to electronically renew the driving licences. The project is expected to kick off in June this year.

The sources added that the information technology sector in the Ministry of Interior has completed the program for this project, which consists of a form which can be filled online. The documents also are uploaded electronically attached with a signed waiver for the authenticity of the data and holding legal accountability in case of providing false information. The system shall be linked with all the relevant ministries and related institutions.

The sources said the process will be linked with the Ministry of Social Affairs to check the work permits, the Ministry of Health for medical tests (medically fit) the Criminal Evidences to check the data of an expatriate and his family (in case of dependents) for approval from the State Security and Criminal Evidences departments before a residence is given electronically. The sources pointed out the staff at the residence affairs department will be given passwords to log into the system to check and approve the transactions.

The sources explained the process of printing the residence is being considered, according to the current practice, therefore an expatriate will check with the relevant departments to print the residence in passport, with the possibility that a ‘residence card’ being issued bearing the applicant’s data as recorded in the computer.

On the mechanism of payment of fees, the sources said this will be either automatic or when printing the residence on the passport.

The sources said that the project will save time and effort, as it will contribute to easing the burden on expatriates, especially since most of them are employees and have obligations. The government is keen to urge all ministries to cancel paper work by 2022.

Source : Arabtimes

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