Part time job would be allow in 2015 , Kuwait

December 8, 2014112 Comments

Foreigners working in the private sector will be allowed to seek part-time jobs in other companies starting from the beginning of the new year,
a government official said. The current labor law allows firms to hire part-timers, but local authorities have yet to open this door for foreigners who could be looking for an additional way to make money or practice a certain profession outside of their work hours legally. This will change in less than a month, when the Manpower Public Authority adopts new controls and conditions to organize this process, General Director Jamal Al-Dousary said in a recent official statement issued by the MPA.

Expatriates working in the public sector already have the right to seek part-time jobs in the private sector or nongovernmental organizations under the Civil Service Commission’s law without restrictions. Many expatriates already work part time in the private sector informally. The new provision will legalize this and may also encourage more foreigners to take up part-time work, thus adding to the labor market without adding to the number of foreigners living in Kuwait.

Source : KuwaitTimes

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  2. Extreeeemly good, ,,news,,,,m sooo glade

  3. When is it goin to be implemented. ? Is it allowed now.. or else its just a bill presented in a parliment for that you have posted a law has been implemented.? Is this right source of info that u have shared with us.. we do beleave In kuwait uptodate so plzz do not spread any kind of false news

  4. It is gud news for low salary workers..thnx God. All type workers can do part time job????

  5. Very good thought by the kuwait government

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  7. I seeking part time job urgently in kuwait v.gud news

  8. goodnews.. For those who have less salary

  9. Its so nice for visa 18.
    Inshalla I can get nxt year …

  10. Yes u should allowed the partime job,,coz the rent of the room or flat is expensive,,

  11. Night what time is work

  12. But domestic workers always suffer from social rights. Even weekened some hours only allowed to go they will miss this chance also.if they give full day weekend off they can earn little money because their salary is very less .

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  18. Good offer and good for does who wanna get part time of this opportunities, anyway how to applying?