Not any more jobs for Expats , Kuwait Municipality

September 7, 20170 Comments

The Kuwait Municipality has announced that expatriates will not be hired in future for any of its contracts quoting an official of the Municipality. This is in addition to ending the employment of those expatriates whose services are no longer required by the Municipality and other who have completed their term of contract.

The source added the Director- General of the Municipality, Engineer Ahmad Al-Manfouhi has asked from the officials of the administrative and finance sectors to provide him an update on the employment of expatriates complete with their biodata, their compatibilities and jobs they occupy.

The source pointed out the number of expatriate employees according to preliminary statistics is very high, especially in the suburbs; therefore, the services of both surplus employees and those whose academic certificates do not meet the requirements of the job shall be terminated.

The source stressed Al-Manfouhi has asked to stop giving allowances and bonuses to such employees and to review their contracts. He added, there is also a trend to terminate the contracts of those who have exceeded the legal period while at the same time doing away with foreign advisers. Meanwhile, the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Information (for Television) Majed Al-Jazzaf, said the television sector has not been affected by the dispensing of foreign employees, reports Al-Jarida daily.

He explained the ministry does not depend on foreigners because there are ambitious Kuwaiti youth who can fill the gap. “We have confidence in our youth and we have prepared them by organizing for them courses in lighting, sound, camera and others, which is part of a careful plan for the overall employment in the industry. Al-Jazzaf said the Ministry’s revenues during last Ramadan were KD 1 million and this “encourages us to double the revenues next year, especially if we are well prepared for the next Ramadan.”

Source : Arabtimes
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