New Salaries for Indians in Kuwait

February 28, 201584 Comments

monuuueyForm 1st March the minimum salaries for maids, drivers and cooks will be 100 KD from 70 KD, excluding housing and food allowances.

Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship, Passports and Residence Affairs in the Ministry of Interior Major General Mazen Al-Jarrah said the decision to fix wages for Indian domestic workers at KD100 per month is appropriate and in line with the salary scale for such workers of other nationalities, reports Al-Rai daily. In a press statement, Sheikh Mazen confirmed the ministry understands the concern of the Indian Embassy in Kuwait for its citizens as long as it does not violates the laws of the country.

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  1. Bijoy says:

    Any how most of the drivers are not getting minimum salary. Now also the house drivers getting 70, 80 only. No one is there to stand for them. After that they need to do house keeping work also, it is so ashamed to say about it.

  2. Why govt sending maid……see pakistan…they are ban….our govt cant help our people…how u axpecting from othere country govt

  3. Good contison but no use.

  4. Really it's good for every maids and drivers I hope it will going.

  5. Guys now what to do and what not to do

  6. Not used…. now in Kuwait Philippines house made salary in contract papers 120 kd.. but in Kuwait people's give only 100 kd…. i think now in Kuwait there coming lot of people's only Philippines … that's y government tack this deshegsn… but my sojeshan is when u give respect for mad they com back… she happy also … in Kuwait Indian mds they not following rolls .. thank friend

  7. Some maids they come to run and make more money from black job outside. She never come abroad just for maid's salary! She want make more money 😉

  8. What about the people they working in other private sector

  9. No use they will not give.

  10. I am bangladeshi. i want go to kwuat… please help me or define any clear way if you kind…

    • Bijoy says:

      Please don’t come. U will not get any value for your personality. They are ready to do more things for their pets, but not for their workers.

  11. Salaries given to the bank though
    100% good job

  12. In70 kd include food and housing allowance then remaning how much,….. It's really notgood

  13. What about sales/cashier related people's in hypermarkets…..

  14. Hahahahahahaha
    Call them police areste him this is che

  15. If banking salaries we believe otherwise no use because embassy just sayings

  16. If banking salaries we believe otherwise no use because embassy just sayings

  17. Kuwait government suppose to be, tell all sponsor that no only Indian.They must follow the contract, Indian, srilankan, Ethopia or Philippines work hard for their family. But here there's no good sponsor, i have friend here can not contact their family because the sponsor told not allowed use mobile. No day off, delayed salary, instead 120 only 90 others 100. Kuwait government kindly remind all sponsor have KADAMA, must follow the rules or if they can't afford back KADAMA to the AGENCY.

  18. 100kd good salary for new house maide but not follow,now maide60-70kd only

  19. Am Abdullahi Ibrahim from Africa if u cn make away for me to enter ur country i wil try my best for u I promis

  20. It's not the maids that are corrupt.. it is the agencies making immense profits when these poor people's salaries are not even 70 kd. When I was recruited for a job n both I n new employer agreed, the agency that hooked us up took half salary from me n half from company. But the way domestic hiring works.. it's absurd. N government sleeps.

  21. Que bien que se le suba el salario al trabajador,que es digno de su trabajo; felicitaciones autoridades de Kuwait,y que tengan un feliz fin de semana.


  22. My brother is a it technician he is looking for a job so can anyone help me for the it job plz