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Salary without work for 10 years in Kuwait

November 10, 20160 Comments

A Kuwaiti public sector employee has regularly received his salary for more than 10 years even though he did not report to work until the authorities discovered his case.

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Cut salaries of employees absent for 7 consecutive days

October 4, 20160 Comments

Kuwait’s Ministry of Education (MoE) said it will cut the salaries of employees who are absent for seven consecutive days.

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New Public Wages reforms , Kuwait

August 8, 20155 Comments

Kuwait is going to proposed a bill to set the standardize the wages as per jobs classifications to set the inflation rate. So far it includes all government entitles, oil sectors and military professions which include all security agencies and fire fighters. Continue Reading &raquo

New Salaries for Indians in Kuwait

February 28, 201584 Comments

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Rocketing rent prices in Kuwait

December 9, 201419 Comments


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Kuwait raises fees, salaries for Filipino schools

November 20, 20144 Comments

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