New amnesty rules: Deportation of all expats serving judicial sentences

November 6, 20181 Comment

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lt-Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah received Monday morning the Chairman of the Amiri Rules and Regulations Committee Counselor Mohammed Fuhaid Al-Zuabi who was presented with instructions on the adoption of Amiri amnesty for this year, reports Al-Anba daily.

The minister affirmed that the Amiri Grant translates the humanitarian dimension of the wise leadership, which always emphasizes the prioritization of humanitarian considerations and supports rehabilitation programs in correctional institutions. According to security sources, the rules of the Amiri amnesty has been completed and will be approved by Minister of Justice in the coming days, after which the files of the prisoners will be examined and matched with the amnesty rules.

They explained that one of the most important rules of the new amnesty is the deportation of all expatriates serving judicial sentences, irrespective of the period of their residencies or that of their family members in the country. Previously, it was allowed to offer plea letter for the release of expatriate inmates who are residents of Kuwait for more than 20 years or whose families reside in the country.

However, under the new rules, expatriates with judicial sentences should be deported to their countries. Those excluded from the decision of administrative deportation of expatriate inmates with judicial sentences are expatriate husbands of Kuwaiti women, expatriate sons of Kuwaiti mothers, Bedoun residents, and expatriate wives of Kuwaiti men. Also, inmates involved in State Security cases and related cases such as terrorism, offending Amiri entity and human trafficking will not be covered by the amnesty rules.

Those involved in criminal cases such as intentional murder will be considered based on a waiver provided by the families of the victims. If there is a waiver, the rules of the amnesty will apply based on certain requirements. The sources indicated that approximately 1,000 prisoners are expected to benefit from this amnesty, affirming the keenness of General Administration of Correctional Institutions to ensure prisoners benefit from the new amnesty.

Source : Arabtimes

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    1 year before ian in kuwait now iam in nepal. When i live kuwait iam iligaly live. I have mobile loan case and alcohal case. Police arrest me and 19 days i will stay jail and come in nepal. My question is can i back to kuwait again? Please give answer.

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