Kuwait’s new type of license for vehicles

November 28, 20150 Comments

As per Arabtimes, The General Traffic Department (GTD) recently issued some ministerial laws on a new type of license for vehicles,

particularly the small vehicles for private use which transport only one person apart from the driver and are not designed as a motorcycle. In a press statement, Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Abdullah Al- Muhanna explained, “Adding new type of vehicle under the category of private small cars is in line with developments in the vehicles industry and the dependence of other countries on small engines which economize fuel and reduce carbon emissions to protect the environment.”

Al-Muhanna warned that the department “will strictly implement by the beginning of next year the rules on vehicles that tow things behind them as it is against the law, especially after it was discovered they cause traffic accidents.”

He disclosed decision will be taken soon to specify conditions on towing, affirming the decision will explain violations related to towing things behind vehicles which falls under the category of road safety and durability. He added these are clearly stated in the executive bylaws of the Traffic Law, its amendment and enforcement decisions.

Source : Arabtimes 


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