Kuwaiti girl reunited after 25 years

August 18, 20160 Comments

Ahmed Abu Diah, a Saudi soldier who was a parachutist during the first Gulf War, had no idea that a gift offered to a Kuwait girl would come live to his memory 25 years later.

Abu Diah, now retired, entered Kuwait with the victorious Desert Storm forces. The Kuwaitis were on the streets celebrating their liberation from the Iraqi occupation.

He saw a seven-year-old girl among the crowd standing at Al-Khaleej Street in the capital city. In a moment of love and affection, an overwhelmed Abu Diah took off the “Medal of Kuwait Liberation” he had received as a token of appreciation for his role in the war and gave it to the girl, who was so happy to receive the precious gift.

Mariam Al-Abdali, the Kuwaiti girl, has now grown up and become a mature woman. But during all thedifferent phases of her life she always cherished the memory of the gallant Saudi soldier presenting her the medal. She placed the photo of the medal and the picture of the soldier on her Twitter account and said the medal was the most precious thing in her life and was too dear to her heart.

A number of Saudi twitteraties responded. Among them was the daughter of the soldier who recognized her father, who was a young man at that time.

She wrote back to Al-Abdali revealing the identity of her father and placing his new photograph. Al-Abdali was overjoyed to recognize the young Saudi soldier who gave her the medal about quarter of a century ago.

She tweeted: “Thank God I have finally seen the brave and kind soldier who presented me with his medal. I have kept his memory alive in my heart all these years. May Allah give him good health and long life.”

By Nadir Al-Anzi
Sourec : Al Bawaba

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