KD 5,000 fine for expat bachelors

May 19, 20190 Comments

 Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and State Minister for Municipal Affairs Fahd Al-Shula has prepared a draft law related on banning bachelors from residing in family residential areas. He intends to submit it to the Fatwa and Legislation Department for review and decision.

The bill proposes imposing a fine of KD 5,000 (first time) on the tenant as well as the landlord, reports Al-Rai daily. The draft law consists of ten articles related to banning rental of housing units to bachelors, and the need to submit a copy of the rent contract to the Municipality for approval after it is approved by the district representative. They also include administrative procedures regarding eviction, registration and prohibition of issuance of civil cards for tenants other than families, and determination of fines ranging from KD 1,000 and KD 10,000 in case of re-occurrence.

Contract The second article stipulates that renting out residential units or parts of them for housing anyone other than families in private and model residential areas shall be prohibited. If rented, the owners of these units shall submit a copy of the rent contract to the Municipality for adoption after it is approved by the district’s mayor. All contracts in violation of the provisions of this law shall become nullity.

According to article 3, all contracts and agreements of all forms enforced prior to the implementation of this law shall be dissolved by the force of law if they are in violation of the provisions of article 2 of this law. Tenants who are residing in housing units in violation to this law shall vacate them within a period not exceeding six months from the date of implementation of this law.

In case of non-evacuation during this period, the electrical supply to the violating unit of the real-estate will be cut-off. In case this step is not possible, the tenant shall be evicted via administrative means. The administrative staff of the Municipality may use police officers for implementing the eviction order.

Source : Arabtimes

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