Egyptian stabbed in Maidan Hawally

May 24, 20200 Comments

An Egyptian working in grocery store was stabbed and KD 400 was stolen.

The Egyptian shopkeeper who works in a grocery store in Maidan Hawally, filed a complain with Hawally police station along with medical report stating that he had been stabed by an unknown person who entered the grocery store and stabbed him with a knife, destroyed the contents in the shop and robbed 400 dinars and fled.

The security men informed the Under-Secretary-General, who ordered that the criminal case be register under theft and the detective was assigned to arrest the accused.

The security men registered the case and transferred it to the General Department of Criminal Investigation to search and investigate the perpetrator to arrest him and bring him to investigate the circumstances of the incident and take the necessary legal measures in this regard.

Source : Arabtimes

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