Cost of Living in Kuwait

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  1. Thanks I allready leave kuwait

  2. Well said of income and expenses. Think of those bachelors working for low salaries kind of KD 90/ and so on. Still going on. Saving and sending some for their families in their own country. I am not against any of you guys. Everything is possible, think of it. Thank God for his blessings

  3. Most of expats don't get this amount with all of my respect and why should they live on minimum , also you haven't mentioned medical care and barbershops (it's monthly requirements)

  4. Anwar Khan says:

    U can decided Kuwait or Whife

  5. 5 kd for books ???!!!! it is a ridiculous amount …..
    education of children is the best investment .

  6. Better live in a Home country

  7. Lui Lopez says:

    How I wish that there is still a 230KD flat.

  8. Stylo Bebo says:

    15 kd for shopping

  9. That's a pretty good guestimate for today's expenses. Even if you did take a 100 off for other expenses you still get close to the mark. And to think there are people working for 80 kd a month, some with families too. Sad! Can they afford the basics? Food?

  10. We need part time job

  11. Apung Pepe says:

    Hirap minsan ditu dunk mk pg partym job

  12. This list high salary but losalary. ?

  13. That's why I need to work so we can have extra income (for emergency) But Everything is in ALLAH's hand… Alhamdulillah

  14. CyMa Atif says:

    Exactly and then they think thak earn too much from their jobs

  15. how can possible with out visa expenses work in kuwait

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