Child raped just outside her flat in Kuwait

November 9, 201475 Comments

rapetitledA five-year-old Egyptian girl was raped just outside her apartment in Kuwait after her father went to a nearby mosque for noon prayers. The girl was rushed to a hospital in a serious condition and doctors said later she was admitted to the intensive care unit.

The Arabic language daily ‘Al Watan’ said the girl had sneaked out of her apartment to follow her father when a man seized her.
“He took her inside the building near her apartment and raped her before leaving her in a pool of blood under the stairs,” it said.

Source : Emirates247

(The purpose to share this news is only to ask you to be very observant for your kids.)

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  1. Salim Baig says:

    Find an kill those need to go police kill them.

  2. It's in Kuwait unbilbel

  3. Prince Ali says:

    Such an evil act can only b done by son ova bitxh

  4. Cut off his bloody DICK … ._. Loser … death iz nt enough for him

  5. Cut off his bloody DICK … ._. Loser … death iz nt enough for him

  6. Bader Issa says:

    Try reading more news about where most criminals are caught in Kuwait. And sometimes even out of kuwait

  7. Kuwait was not like this before… God bless Kuwait

  8. SyMa Atif says:

    Zamir AnsariBetter if u take this matter seriously…instead of making fun

  9. Anyone can catch sloppy criminals, lol. Kuwaiti 'criminals' are mostly just kids with daddy issues and feel the need to overcompensate and show off if there are a few girls around. It's their version of 'peacocking'. LOL. And it's not like they can get away from a packed mall without getting caught on the way out.

  10. Haiwan just punished whole life under a dark room haiwaan

  11. Subhanohlai. May Allah help us all

  12. Bader Issa says:

    Just because you dont like the country it doesnt mean you ignore the good things they could do

  13. Bader Issa says:

    They are, proves are that in every fight that happened in the avenues they caufht the murderer and everyone involved..

    In the robbery that happened three months ago that people stole 10K and killed two guards thwy caught the three guys..

    Yesterday they caught drugs coming from iraq
    Now to all those saying Kuwait secret police suck.. Go Fuck Your Self..

    Show me a country that catches criminals within hours or weeks

  14. In ur place , be carefull

  15. No one has to be blaimed ..
    It happened!
    Let our Almighty God deal with this kind of people..
    For you Rapist your soul now is in hell..
    And for the little angel im praying for ur fast recovery,God will heal u by hs healing hands..

  16. It happened!No one has to be blaimed..
    Let God deal with this rapist!!
    And to you little angel God be with you,praying for your fast recovery!!
    Godbless you!!

  17. Kuwait CID gets bonuses and vacation time for cases. So they kick the crap and put drugs for people with weak embassies. I know first hand unfortunately.

  18. Hang him to death when he is caught

  19. Kml Fuk I can't breath are u drunk?

  20. The crime and evil deeds should be deal soon and given a public sentence so the this will never happened to anyone in future. May god given courage to the family and speedy recovery to the girl. God hear our prayers and keep the small angel far from any danger in life.

  21. Abd Samer says:

    She is just five years old and what IBn haraam did if I would be asked to suggest a punishment I would have given him punishment that no one can even imagine in there wildest dream how could he do so that guy is suck a sick I feel ashame that I share same gender ALLAH you are best knower you are best punisher punish him so that all other sick and retard ppl like him understand what will happen to them

  22. Simply he should be stoned till death in public .

  23. I hope there is no insanity plea in Kuwait. Life in prison, at the least. The baby is in Intensive Care? Bless the baby…

  24. Pls send him to saudi ..He head shud b cut in public..but dat wud jus finish him within a second.he shud suffer every second by tying him to a chair nd torturing him evry minute

  25. awww poor rapist is offended

  26. Jacinta Cl says:

    My [email protected], this poor baby! My thoughts, prayers and love are w/her. I hope this man receives the death penalty. As he awaits his sentence to be carried out, I hope the other prisoners give him exactly what he deserves! Evil devil! There is no redemption for people whom harm children!

  27. Jacinta Cl says:

    This man deserves to die. First, he should spend a year in prison and let's see what the other prisoners do to him. Then he deserves to be put to death! Evil devil! There is no redemption for people whom harm children!

  28. The monster should be caught n cut his hand n cut his leg in public place

  29. What are you smoking, bro? 😀

  30. Everyone keeps saying hang the man and kill him and while thats nice but there is no sufferring for him. My only concern is for the child. She is going to be not just physically but psychologically damaged. Poor girl Alah usa3idha

  31. May Allah protect all the girls from these type of brutes!